Glad you’re here!  In this blog I will share the experiences I’ve had in getting out of a box–my box.  Personally, I’ve been in some real doozies, starting with a playpen/cage when I was still a crawler.  In later years, I’ve been trapped in coral rocks while free diving, survived hurricanes, experienced hypothermia to the point of nearly drowning, been held under gunpoint, beaten almost daily in military school, sexually abused, drunk more than my liver could ever handle, survived two plane crashes, thrown in jail, ripped off by best friends, climbed up the side of a tanker in a hurricane 400 miles from land, drank poisoned water while hiking alone on the Appalachian Trail, and more. Way more. But that is not what this blog is about. It’s not about where I’ve been, it’s about where I can go. Where we can all go. It’s about getting back to the powerful, connected, courageous, authentic, loving being that I AM. It’s about getting out of the boxes that were either accepted by me or built by me.

You see for me, the most difficult boxes to get out of are the ones we don’t know about. The ones that enclose our lives with boxes of false beliefs. Boxes of lies that literally  stop us from who we can be. The insidious poison-like thoughts that tell us that we can’t, or that it is impossible. That if it was possible, YOU would not be the one who could do it.  Perhaps worse, that it wouldn’t matter, even  if we could. These thoughts that take us away from what we truly are. THESE  kinds of THOUGHTS are the ones that have held me from who I came here to be.

In this life, I’ve had a lot of titles. Many different job descriptions. I’ve been praised and I’ve been cursed. I live a life full of miracles, yet I also live with pain. I live a life of peace, but it has been peppered with disasters.  I have lived on a series of sailboats, captained a 60 foot schooner and a 52 foot ketch. Delivered boats from South America to Canada.  I’ve owned three different airplanes. Studied as a shipwright working on wooden yachts. Owned an aerial photography business, been a licensed: massage therapist, boat captain, commercial pilot.,and performed weddings as a minister. I am a fine artist, but I have also ground asbestos, inhaled resins, installed sprinkler systems,  and been a janitor.

Rest assured; I have dreamed big dreams. Many of them have come true, some are still in process, unfolding as we speak.

It’s all about awareness and choice.  They are VERY MUCH linked.  Choice-wise, I’ve made some really good ones and some that were not so Lovely–or loving.   At those times (Oh yes, more than a few times…) I wasn’t even aware that I even had a choice.  I was just taking the either/or  path. And that’s no choice at all, but I didn’t know that at the time. There was not an inkling of creative thinking involved. I didn’t even know that I didn’t know. Too bad they didn’t have blogs back then. Would have saved me a lot of time..

Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is. That’s why so few folks do it.”

Just the simple knowing–we have a choice can interrupt an unconscious behavior pattern.  These habitual patterns literally control who we are.  I need to remind myself daily that I always have a choice!   I remember to remember to choose. Choose how I am going to be, and how I am going to perceive things that day. After a while, it’s a habit. More later.

Here’s a brief video (Thank you, Kevin Lorden*) of me explaining my thought processes while painting:

*Kevin Lorden produced, shot, and edited this video. As you can see, he is a total pro.