Do you feel free? Are you living your dreams?  Do you question whether you are capable of bringing your grandest dreams, whatever they may be, to life?

Do you dare taste your own dreams?  To swirl them around on your pallet, to waft the feelings through your being? Will you step knowingly into a vulnerable space of optimistic dreaming and creating? Do you follow through; and then give it your best efforts? More importantly, do you get back up when you’ve been flattened? When the rug gets pulled out from you? Through betrayal, abandonment,  pain, death, bad food, unlovely relations, can you remember that this too, will pass?

How far can you stretch? Can you climb out of your own self-created prison? Your personalized prison box?  Will you? How far can you go–what distance into your dreams without your own personal naysayer reminding you that you cannot do so for one reason or another?  When that damning voice does show up somewhere inside your head, what do you say to it?

How do you counter questions like these?

That you are not:

  • smart enough,
  • fast enough,
  • skinny enough,
  • experienced enough,
  • resourceful enough,

or whatever you may think you lack?

Whatever the stories may be which hold you back.  You may not even be aware of them consciously. I’m still discovering mine. It’s sometimes like an archeological dig, sometimes like pulling that final card which brings down the whole house. They’re those same damn repetitive ditties that you can’t get out of your mind–or into your mind, as the case may be.  Bottom line: They detain or stop you from creating what you would love to bring into this world.

Can you journey into your hopes without the voice which tells you that these great ideas cannot be brought forth–especially by the likes of you? It’s been a journey for me, like a path or a river. I believe that for me, I will run out of breath before I run out of journey.

Through the articles, links, interviews and exercises posted on these pages, I want to share with you some of my experiences which have led me to a place of peace–and much better judgement. 🙂