November 19, 2017

Knowing You Don’t (or may not) Know

Spinning Up to a Wobble

Is the whole world seeming like it’s going in a crazy direction, or is it just me? I find myself getting gob-smacked by the current events that are being presented by an inept, corporate-owned media.  Hell, I even get my hairs up just scrutinizing WHAT subjects that they’ve decided to omit or to report–on what they consider news.  YEEESH!!!

There is so much information, misinformation, and disinformation, that simply weaving through one small specific topic can take more time than it does for a tree to grow. It never ends. And it’s getting worse. Every day another thousand sets of encyclopedias are uploaded to the web, and that’s not counting the blog sites, the news sites and the videos that everyone took that day on their phones.

Everywhere you look, you are being instructed what to think, how to think, what to do, how to behave.  What is normal is presented to you by people that don’t seem to be, uh–well, normal. There are some great advice and personal growth type sites out there, but alas; the latest Kardashian escapade awaits your click in the column on the side of that article. In today’s world,  “normal” wouldn’t catch or hold your attention for very long. Not with all the threats, fears, FOMO situations and the like. They’re URGENT!!!  I assume that you’ve heard the average attention span has decreased in time to that which is lower than a goldfish.  What could be worse than a feeble attention span?  We’ve thrown in multi-tasking. Hurry!

We think we are getting more done with our multi-tasking, yet every scientific study shows it reduces the quality of any action with which we are involved.  Huge important news, right?   We ignore simple life-changing data because it doesn’t SEEM life-threatening. Or Urgent. Like TEXTING.

Texting and driving an automobile?  That combo produces 330,000 injuries and 1.6 million car crashes every year in the USA. Drunken driving can’t compete with sober, driving texters.

  • Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk!
  • 11 teens die every day as a result of texting while driving.
  • According to an AAA poll, 94% of teen drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving, BUT 35% admitted to doing it anyway. Seriously?

Food–or Processed chemical equations? 

No other civilized country puts the poisons and genetic mutations into the food base like the good ol’ USA. Seems that tastes (or addictions to certain tastes)  are more important than nutrition to our populace. Eating is the filling of a void–physical or emotional, but it need not be exclusive of nutrition. Interestingly, most people think that they “Eat pretty good, except for the very occasional (insert crunchy, gooey, sweet stuff here)”

Most of the USA is addicted to sugars and unhealthy fats and we don’t even know it!  This deadly addiction, combined with  35+ hours per week watching the telly or computer is a deadly combo. It results in well over 600 thousand fatalities from heart disease each year. Six Hundred Thousand People!  Every year! Let that sink in. Those 600,000 deaths would be the equivalent of sixteen fully loaded, commercial jets crashing and killing everyone on board every single day here in the US.

Seriously, 16 plane crashes a day? If we would see that many plane crashes in just one day on the news there would be an instant grounding of all jets until the problem was solved. Not so with heart disease. Yet, we already know the solution.  It would be an economic disaster for these corporate “food”  companies if we pursued them like we did the tobacco companies. It’s basic science, not even a stretch or complex even for those with a goldfish’s attention span.  But this information is not on the news at all. 16 fatal crashes a day would be news, but the same amount of deaths–even avoidable deaths, are not.

Even in their heyday, the tobacco companies “only” caused around 480,000 deaths per year. Most all of these deaths were avoidable.  We’ve linked the image of a cigarette with lung disease. But now we’ve got these vapor pipes, and electronic cigarettes. Gotta admire their perseverance, right?

Now corporate America has a new addictive venue in spite of over 600 thousand deaths per year.  Food products.  ADDICTIVE FOOD PRODUCTS.  And heart disease be damned.  Accountability? By the paid staff called Congress. Fahgetabout it. Uh, we dunno.  More studies-usually funded by the same companies–should only take another decade or two?  Ahem. There is an economic link here.  These big corporations that concoct this stuff they call food, this poison which eventually sickens the body which consumes it; also make the medicines to treat you for the very disease they have created–as a result of eating their “food”.  They create the food that makes you sick, and then control the pharmaceutical industry to respond to it.  It’s not too difficult to see that there’s a huge conflict of interest here.  But since the corporations that produce these mega farms and toxic “fake” food also own 90% of the news media, (and Congress), I guess we won’t really hear much about it.

Then, there’s CONSUMERISM..

UGH! What a despicable labeling of a human being. Mark my words (but please attribute to me, thanks!).  If you don’t know who you are, someone else will tell you.  It sounds like: If you want to be_____, then You simply must have this item. Or you should shop at this store. Or these are the type of clothes you now need to line your closet with–in order to be fashionable. We all have bodies. We’re told that it is what we adorn our bodies with–how we present this package, this body that matters.  Form, not content.

From time to time, our bodies can become less healthy than other times. Here in the USA, we have disease treatment, but very little disease prevention.  Our so-called advanced “modern medicine” focuses on treatment, not cures.  On treating the symptoms, not the causes of those symptoms.  Treating the cause would eliminate the symptoms, but there goes the customer. Instead, they focus on expensive protocols when more often than not, a simple lifestyle change including diet and exercise would eliminate the problem. But there’s no money in that…

You are ultimately in charge of your life. We’ll get to that in another blog. For now, maybe consider that some of your programming may not be in your best interest. And that maybe, those people telling you who you should be might have too much vested in your choice. Time for a Wobble.


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