August 26, 2017

What is Faith?


Faith is a knowing that sits right smack dab in the midst of unknowing. Faith is a remembering that–in spite of limited perceptions, in spite of  environs, in spite of physical, mental, or emotional constraints and limitations–in spite of everything, that I am way more than any one of those constituents. That my identity, my beliefs and my thoughts, are just an extension– and a tiny one at that, of who I really am. Of the Who I Really Am.

Faith is a freedom. It is a consequence of taking total responsibility. When I say total responsibility, I don’t just mean the ones we know about.  Open up–not just to what I am currently conscious, but to all the known and all the unknown layers of constructs. It’s not complex, but it is easy to do. It takes huge amounts of courage, but not aggression.

As I circle the sun more and more, I am learning that there will always be more to know, to discover, to learn. One tiny sliver of fact contains infinite data and layers behind that appearance. Bottom line is that I will never know all there is to know about any one thing.  Through time, it becomes obvious that there is more that I don’t know than I’ll ever know. There are parts of me which know that I do not know. Though threatening to my ego, they are not near as dangerous as that which I don’t know.  I know that my human mind may or may not be able to access that. But I can construct the doorway to possibility, through a different knowing.  Through faith. Faith that the old Universe has got my back.  Hell, that IT IS my back! I am just a part of IT.

Faith is both a responsibility while also yielding to a surrender. That surrender part doesn’t sit well with Mr. Ego. It takes a little mediation to see this act through. It is an act of courage. I surrender to that larger part which creates The All. I do not pretend to know much about IT. But that which I do know, I consciously endeavor to approach with love.  That is the language. That’s what IT is. LOVE.

As I grow older, it appears that what is important is not so much the course of one’s life. It is the direction which one steers. The course may change. After all, everything is in motion and is changing. But the direction from which I am leaving and the direction from which I am going to is LOVE. That LOVE gives me Faith.


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