March 14, 2017

Electile Dysfunction

If you’re stunned or shocked by the election outcome in the good ole USA, that’s OK. The whole thing was shocking–from the candidates to their campaigns. Out of 320 million of us, if this is the best that this system will let us do, we need to revamp the system itself. Which is a  good thing. Things are always changing and evolving. Let’s not fight what is. Let us change what can be. I digress.

Hear this: If you’re depressed, moping around, or in some sort of funk–a mentally or emotionally deranged state, that’s a sign. Conversely, if you’re thinking that now is your chance to rule the world and tell all those other people what’s been on your mind and so on–ditto, it’s also a sign.  Either way, it’s not a signal to ignore.

If you’re allowing something like this to affect how you behave, how you feel, how you interact with the world–it is a huge clue that you are suffering an identity loss. When I say identity, I am not referring to identifying as a Democrat or Republican, an atheist or Believer, a Conservative or Liberal, or to some other ideas and belief ensembles  external to yourself. I am talking about you–yourself. Who you are at your very core. That is, who you really are. It is an error, either through ignorance or confusion, thinking that who is upset or distraught or belligerent over this election is really you. The upset party is your ego–a part of you just like your hair or teeth or finger. It is a PART of YOU, it is not you. You are NOT your ego, though if you ask it, it will tell you otherwise.  For me, that is a VERY good thing, and a relief!

It’s your ego that is upset-or exceedingly dominant, regarding this whole election thing. And

In fact, your ego is at the very root of this problem (and actually most of your problems, but that’s another post).  You see, when you decide that something is true, your brain’s allegiance signs up full-time to support whatever hypothesis you’ve decided to put there. YOU have made it a true statement for your reality. So now your brain is engaged full time just looking for more proof. Pretty much whatever you believe, you can find proof of that thing.  You will gather more and more proof, and then boom–it’s a totally obvious “fact”. And that’s good enough for your ego/persona. It’s a full-blown epidemic, and until each of us realizes that we’ve got the disease, it will continue to get stronger. Of course, most of what we’ve decided to be true is from someone else saying that it is true.

Real truths do not need teaching, but remembering. We already know them. Hopefully there’s been enough occurrences happen in your life where it all fits, it’s all a flow, it all works out and there is never a doubt. That’s it! Trouble is, we’ve got it so covered up that we often cannot see into our own truths, into our own hearts. Pretty easy to see someone else’s delusions, their errors and misconceptions, though, right? We’re not standing in the middle of their fire, of their forest. We’re standing in ours.

So what do we do? Choose to choose. Choose to remember what a beautiful world it is. Remember what is really important. Remember that your life is  a gift, and this lifetime has an unknown expiration date. Do and act from who you really are, not from some fear that’s incessantly been seeded and fertilized inside you.

Believe me, that does not include the Bozo’s and their ever-growing support groups in Washington, D.C.


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