Beached copyright William Lurcott
We are all in a construct of our own making.

Call it a box, call it a philosophy, call it a belief system. By any name, it defines who you are, how you act, think, and behave. Basically, it is how you live your life. It’s truly huge, yet mostly unexamined by the general populace (pretty much by everyone). Why is that?

Because it’s damned difficult to do. It’s hard work. And we don’t know how. When we try to find a way, we are actually misled and misdirected–by ourselves and others. Who we ask or seek guidance from are oftentimes of the same construct–the same box from which we are trying to leave—or at least expand.

To hold oneself up to the light; to really look and think about what we are, what we’ve made ourselves into is no easy task. Not only do we not know how to do it. The real difficulty is that a big part of ourselves resists even allowing ourselves to think that we need to think about Because there is no calamity–no fire, no roof collapsing, no urgent surgery needed, well then everything is “FINE”.  Seems like it takes a 2 by 4  whacking us to get our attention–at least it did for me for way too long. Without some guidance of some sort, this mission could be doomed from the start.

Then, there’s doing the work itself! The thinking, the exploration.  If you’re relying on the ego to help you with this, you are in trouble.  Not only because the ego is the very thing which got us into this mess. But because the ego is the part of us that thinks/believes/tells us that It alone is who we are.

But I dare you:  ask it who you are.  You will get no answer. It is like asking the framework of the house to tell you what it is.  It could say it is the part that sits upon the foundation. It could say it is the part that holds the other parts of the house together. But it is not the house. It is only a part of the whole. In a similar fashion, you cannot ask the ego who it is. It is only a part of the whole of you, though most of us think otherwise.

Like the frame part of the house, the ego cannot tell you because it has no basis for itself other than superficial thoughts and beliefs which are put on it.

Bottom Line: If you don’t know if you are in a box or not, the evidence is right there: you definitely are.